Establish Budget
Financial Benefit Budget
The first step is to control your spending:

  • Establish Net Income
  • Calculate Monthly Expense
  • Create & Stick to Budget
Financial Benefit Credit
The second step is to maintain strong credit ratings:

  • Limit Credit Cards to 2
  • Pay off balances in 30 Days
  • Track balances & Interest Rates
Auto | Home Insurance
Financial Benefit Auto Home Insurance
Understand proper coverage & what determines rates

  • Garaging Address
  • Auto Driving Records
  • Claims History Home
  • Available Discounts
Life Insurance
Financial Benefit Life Insurance
The proper protection in case the unexpected occurs:

  • Learn the types of Coverage
  • Pay off mortgage in case of death
  • Build Tax Free Legacy
  • Own Control Protect Assets
Retirement Planning
Financial Benefit Retirement Planning
Learn the proper steps to take today for the future

  • Pay Yourself First
  • Understand Pension & SS System
  • Learn to build assets for life
  • Establish secure methods to build wealth
Estate Plan
Financial Benefit Estate Plan
After building wealth, be sure to keep it by:

  • Establishing a Will
  • Financial POA
  • Secure Health Proxy
  • Learn to Avoid Probate